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The climate crisis is not a purely environmental issue. If we want to achieve a truly sustainable ecological transition, on top of acting on the causes of climate change we need to reduce poverty and inequalities. It’s a matter of justice, of climate justice.

Within the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA) – the network formed by the 9 organizations who pioneered the development of fair trade in Europe – climate justice has been identified as one of the most relevant priorities for the whole movement. In 2021 EFTA’s affiliates have jointly started the coordinated campaign “Climate Justice – Let’s do it Fair”, identified by a common visual identity.

The campaign’s fundamentals are described in a simple concept paper. The key messages got depicted in a set of communication materials, including a video series, a set of social media posters and an infographic. We also collected first-hand information and thoughts from EFTA’s trading partners in the Global South through a structured qualitative survey.

As of 2022 EFTA affiliates started pooling extra-resources to jointly feed the EFTA climate justice fund, meant to co-finance the execution of specific climate projects activated by our fair trade partners in the South.

News about the specific local activities executed by EFTA affiliates and their partner organizations in their respective national contexts are listed on this website in the campaign’s journal, whilst content published on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #letsdoitfair are being tracked in the Social wall.

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Concept paper


Logo versions

We fair traders believe that each of us can contribute to tackle social and environmental issues through concrete acts. Our trading partners in the South are putting that principle into practice, to become more climate resilient and to mitigate their own environmental impacts. To support those efforts, in 2022 EFTA affiliates started pooling extra-resources to create a joint EFTA climate justice fund, which will contribute to co-finance the execution of specific climate projects, activated and managed directly by our partners.

Climate projects

EFTA Climate
Justice Fund

Climate projects

Video Series

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We have produced a series of 4 short videos to visualize the core concepts of the campaign. The climate crisis is not just about emission, it is also a matter of justice. So: let’s do it Fair. Our partners in the Global South are doing their best to become more resilient and put climate justice into practice. In the South like in the North, Fair Trade enterprises are doing their part to contribute to the solution. Yet, now we need to renew our call to consumer, citizens, companies, politicians: let’s make a clear choice to build a future which is both planet-friendly and socially just. All videos – subtitled in 5 different languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT – are available in the download section.

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01 – Let’s do it Fair

02 – Let’s put it into practice

03 – Let’s do our part

04 – Let’s make our choice

Social Media Posters

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The key messages depicted in the videos are also portrayed in a series of 8 social media posters. Some of them are stand-alone posters (which could also be printed e.g. for magazines, leaflets or in-store materials); others have been designed as social media carousels, including one which is specifically meant to serve as teaser to introduce each video of the series. All posters are available – in multiple formats, suitable to all major social media – in the download section.

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01 – Emissions

02 – Most damaged

03 – Widening the gap

04 – Planet friendly

05 – Carousel – Together

06 – Carousel – In Practice

07 – Carousel – Teasers

08 – Conscious consumers

The Climate Justice

In Spring 2021, EFTA’s affiliates conducted qualitative video interviews with 16 representatives of Fair Trade enterprises, based in 12 different countries of the Global South. The most relevant insights are reported in a written publication and in a video summary. Our partners’ words are confirming that the climate crisis is already exacerbating inequalities. Any solution to the climate emergency could be sustainable only if we take into account the needs of the most vulnerable communities.

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Journal archive

Social media wall

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