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Credits EZA


Solar energy for production centers in slums




Mumbai, Mahrashtra

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Creative Handicrafts is the initiative of a Spanish nun, Isabel Martín, who came to Mumbai in 1984. Her aim was to support women at the lowest rung of society. Women in the slums face many disadvantages: In addition to poverty and lack of income for their families, they suffer from extreme sexism, lack of rights and domestic violence. Giving women a new awareness and self-esteem and helping them to earn their own income are the main goals.

Today, about 1200 women are involved in Creative Handicrafts through self-help groups, cooperatives, savings, and credit groups. In textile production itself, about 300 women, all from the slums of Mumbai, work in 10 sewing centers. The members of the women’s groups and cooperatives are the owners of Creative Handicrafts Cooperative.

The EFTA Climate Justice Fund will contribute to the installation of solar panels on the decentralized production centers of Creative Handicrafts in a slum area of Mumbai (Achanak Colony). Those panels will provide solar energy to three workshops, a trainings center for women and a crèche.

Sustainable and renewable energy creates independence from expensive energy providers and non-renewable resources. The electricity cost will come down to almost zero and thus the benefits for the women producers will increase.

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Credits EZA

Credits EZA

Credits Creative Handicrafts

Credits EZA

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